This soft-cover book of 128 pages has 87 wonderful
pen-and-ink illustrations by Dale Crawford.
Table of Contents
1. The Blue Heron Ranch 1
The amazingly true story of how the ranch go its name.
2. The Ranch Rabbits 6
We learn why the cottontails choose to live inside the shelter belt.
3. Who Got the Grapes? 14
Chris and Jim get into trouble for something that they didn't do.
4. Martha and Grasshopper 21
Martha warns Grasshopper, but he just won't listen.
5. Martha and Meadowlark 24
Martha is saved by Meadowlark and does her a favor in turn.
6. Tough, Smart, and the Water Jug 28
The drought is here, they are thirsty, and it takes some doing to get water.
7. Coyote and Tough 32
A fool and his cheese are soon parted.
8. Coyote Comes to Dinner 35
We learn about the fate of the wolf and the coyotes' trick in his honor.
9. Coyote and a Wheel of Cheese 42
A gift for Coyote so that he can play the finest kind of trick on his buddy, Badger.
10. Roscoe Breaks His Leg 49
Wherein Roscoe tips his tractor over and is rescued in an amazing manner.
11. Tricksters Tricking Tricksters 58
Coyotes polish their skills by playing tricks on each other.
12. Coyote Takes Me to the Circle 64
I am honored with an invitation to the coyotes' storytelling circle to tell a story to them. A magic night.
13. Coyote Brags a Bit 73
We learn some more of the marvelous things that coyotes can do from Coyote himself.
14. Winter Solstice Celebrations 77
Each kind of critter at the ranch has their own traditions of solstice celebration.
15. Coyote Winter Solstice 85
A trucker gives the coyotes a new tradition.
16. Coyote's Dream 89
Maybe some dreams do come true, after all.
Natural history, references, comments 101
...and all that stuff that goes in the back, where you'll find material that I just had to tell you but that didn't fit in the story.




















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